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This site is a portal to many of my projects and academic work in the BSU Master of Educational Technology Program.

I completed this program mainly because I wanted to learn more about the many technologies available to teachers and learners today. I'm also interested in using visual design and multimedia to make learning experiences more memorable and enjoyable for students. I've always thought learning should be fun - I find myself learning more when the stories I hear are entertaining and the materials are visually impressive and thought provoking.

Zeke- the Newfi pup

Did Someone Say Dog Food?

I believe the experience of earning my degree totally online makes me a better instructor all around. There's no better way to become more aware of the challenges and rewards of an online experience than taking online courses myself as a student. Plus, here at BSU, I have the chance to study and learn from some of the best educators in the field. In business, they call this "eat your own dog food" - experiencing or using the same products and services as your customers. My Newfie mix Zeke likes this analogy!

About me


A 3d Still Life


I transfered into the EdTech program from the Instructional and Performance Technology program (now known as OPWL) at BSU. I graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Education where I was also a collegiate basketball player for ASU for 4 years. I began studying digital design and technology when I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2003. I 've worked for Pierce College for almost 10 years - 6 years in the continuing education department, 2 years for the marketing and communications and 2 years as an instructional designer for the new Center for Engagement and Learning. I'm also an adjunct professor in the business department and run my own digital and instructional design business. My goals are to enjoy my life and my work, teach others about educational technology, visual and multimedia design and social media for learning, and travel as much as possible.