This activity is designed for community college students in a marketing course conducting field research at the Seattle Pike Place Market in historic downtown Seattle. Students have mobile devices for recording images and audio during the activity and Twitter accounts for participating in a class Twitter Chat session.

Market Research Requirement

In this m-learning activity you will use your smart phone or other Web-enabled mobile device to help you find and navigate the famous Seattle Pike Place Market area in downtown Seattle, WA. While wandering the marketplace, you will record examples of business branding that we have been studying in class. Remember branding isn't just logos or fancy graphics - it also includes business themes, customer service, product type, product placement, social presence etc. Especially look for examples of innovative ways that businesses set themselves apart from other similar shops or booths around them in the marketplace.

Twitter Requirement

You'll also be Tweeting live during your visit at the class Tweet Chat area #bus135.


There are four parts to this activity:

This is grassroots field research into marketing for small businesses. We will compile images and other content class next week- be prepared to present your findings to the class.