A Virtual Journey - Art Nouveau in Brussels


This is an online field trip to the city of Brussels, Belgium. You will be visiting some very special and beautiful buildings that were designed and built in the late 1800's and the early 1900's. They were designed by Victor Horta, a renowned architect of his time. Horta was one of the first architects to use a particular design style called Art Nouveau in his building concepts.

The Art Nouveau movement was very popular in the early 1800's up until around 1910 and the start of World War I. Art Nouveau is considered a "total" style in that artists, designers, architects, clothing, jewelry, furniture makers and other artisans of the time used the Art Nouveau style to create objects and materials that could be used or incorporated into everyday life.

There are thousands of examples of art nouveau architecture throughout the city of Brussels and in many major cities in Europe. You will be visiting four examples of buildings that still exist in the Brussels area that were designed by Horta. They have been preserved through the years and have long been recognized as national treasures by the country of Belgium. They serve as enduring examples of the art nouveau style.

How to Use This Site for Your Virtual Journey


Use the images, videos, links and text on this site to explore the four locations and to complete your wiki discussions described below. Before starting your journey, learn more about the Art Nouveau movement by using the resource links on the left menu under the headings "What is Art Nouveau?" and "Who Was Victor Horta?".

The navigation links at the top of the page are available for you to travel to each location on your virtual journey. You can wander on your trip in any order you like.

Your Wiki Discussions


We will be using WikiSpaces again in this class to write about and discuss what you see and learn along the way You will participate by creating content in the form of wiki pages and discussion posts. The link to our WikiSpaces class wiki is:


Please use the same login name and password you created for the first class wiki assignments. If you can't remember your logins, please contact me and I will email you the information.

On the wiki home page, you will see links to four wiki pages in the left hand navigation menu. Look for the pages named:

  • Horta_Museum
  • Royal_Greenhouses
  • Brussels_Central
  • Maison_Autrique

I've also provided direct links from this site to each assignment page for your convenience. You'll find these links in the left navigation menu under the header "Links to Class Wiki Discussion Pages". A new page will open when you click on one of these links.

Discussion questions and detailed information on how to complete each of the four discussion assignments can be found on each wiki page.