Branding 101- The WebQuest

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The concept of branding is often misunderstood by people who are new to the world of marketing and promotional messaging. Some think if the organization or company has a slick logo or tag line, and you simply repeat these components in advertising and packaging, you can magically create a successful image and marketing for the business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Branding is much more than a creative logo, a catchy jingle or a clever tag line. And if you get your branding wrong, it could take your business a long time to recover in a competitive marketplace.

Central Questions

What are the core concepts of branding and brand definition, what are some best practices for establishing a brand and how can branding be used in the overall marketing strategy of a company or organization?

“Your logo is not your brand unless it's on a cow” - Peggy Collins

Student Instructions

Work through these 5 sections of the WebQuest listed below to complete the assignments in this activity.

  • Introduction: Overview of the Branding 101 WebQuest activity
  • Task: The task you are to complete
  • Process: Steps you must follow to complete the task
  • Evaluation: How your work will be evaluated and graded.
  • Conclusion: Final thoughts on this activity and how to use it for your final project.

Teacher Instructions

A lesson plan has been included for teachers who would like to use this project in their classrooms.



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