Time and Budget Allocations

Personnel and Duties Estimate Time Strategies Costs

Instructor: Renee Phoenix

  1. Teach course/ prep content

  2. Student inquiries

  3. Grading /feedback/one-on-one contact

  4. Technical support for 3rd party applications

  5. Tracking and analysis of outcomes

5 credit course = 55 hours of instruction

  1. 1.5 hours /week

  2. 1 hour / week

  3. 3 hours /week

  4. .5 hours /week

  5. 1 hour /week

Total : 7.5 hours per week


$3,460 per 5 credit course. Salary determined by Pierce College. Course must meet minimum enrollment

Program Coordinator: Paul Gerhardt

  1. Mid-term conference call

  2. End term course teaching evaluation conference

  3. Teaching observation

  4. Summative evaluation conference


  1. 1 hour

  2. 1 hour

  3. 1 hour

  4. 2 hours

Total : 5 hours per quarter

Salary determined by Pierce College and is not affected by this course.

eLearning Tech Specialist: Earl Sallade

  1. Set up course LMS shell

  2. Assist instructor as needed with technical issues with LMS

  3. Populate shell with student enrollment data


  1. .5 hrs

  2. 1 hr

  3. .5 hrs


Total: 2 hours per quarter


Salary determined by Pierce College and is not affected by this course.

eLearning Retention Specialist: Tony Grace

  1. Attendance tracking and analysis (first 3 weeks of course)

  2. Student support referrals and inquiries about online learning

  3. Retention tracking and reporting



  1. 1 hr

  2. 1 hr

  3. 1 hr

Total: 3 hours per quarter


Salary determined by Pierce College and is not affected by this course.

IT Help Desk and LMS Support: IT staff

  1. Resolve student login issues

  2. Coordinate resolution of help tickets and LMS tech issues related to site installation


  1. .5 hrs

  2. .5 hrs


Total: 1 hour per quarter

Salary determined by Pierce College and is not affected by this course.

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Learner Contact and Registration

Question Response

How is the course advertised?

College online course catalog


When does the course start/stop?

Pierce College academic calendar; online course guidelines posted on college eLearning site; course is 10 weeks and is offered in fall and spring quarters

Who makes initial contact?

Registration office confirms enrollment and payment; eLearning office sends welcome email and physical letter via post

How do learners know where to access the course?

Course catalog online; eLearning website; automated email confirmation from eLearning office

How do learners identify the software and hardware requirements for the class?

College eLearning website; course syllabus uploaded to college website

How do learners know their rights, responsibilities and roles?

College student services website lists student rights and responsibilities; course syllabus; orientation materials on eLearning website

Who do learners contact for technical or administrative assistance?

Follow help procedures listed on eLearning website; follow procedures in course syllabus

How will learners obtain any support materials?

Identify college library services; provide link to open source textbook for download; use resource wiki page in LMS; provide external links in course modules; confirm Pierce student email is functioning

Technical Requirements for Communication and Distribution

Technical Requirements Response

How does the instructor access the course?

eLearning department establishes instructor access procedures and monitors support and resources

What software or plug-ins are needed to use the WBI?

Identify plug-ins and preferred browsers and make available on eLearning website, course syllabus and orientation materials; supply download links for needed plug-ins

How does the instructor send and share documents or feedback on assignments?

Identify assignment submission processĀ  in LMS; LMS gradebook, assignment feedback options, and file sharing within LMS; VoiceThread feedback; Skype and Blackboard Collaborate for live office hours or conferencing with students

How will the instructor or learner access online skills training?

Links to orientation videos and interactive modules; establish course Q&A discussion forum for the quarter

How will instructor and support staff distribute support materials?

Links to online resources; materials repository for course documents in LMS; external support website; downloads from LMS

How will instructor and learners report technical problems?

List technical and help desk contact information in syllabus and LMS; outline reporting procedures for technical problems in syllabus; refer to eLearning website information

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Tools for Communication and Distribution

Participants Communication Tools

How will learners, instructor, program coordinator and support staff contact each other?

College email system, face-to-face meetings, telephone, Skype, Blackboard Collaborate, LMS chat feature

How are course expectations shared?

College eLearning website (general online student guidelines); define expectations in course syllabus, course emails, discussion forums and weekly course announcements

How do learners and instructor share files?

LMS file sharing features, assignment drop box in LMS, email attachments

Training Options for Online Participants

Participants Online Skills Training


Online job aids and tutorials; required face-to-face instructor training via college eLearning department; Teaching and Learning Center workshops; eLearning conferences and webinars; compensated content development and course management and facilitation seminars; graduate school courses


College eLearning department orientation video; required student advising and orientation; face-to-face online learning labs and workshops

Support Staff

Increase knowledge of instructional strategies, course management and facilitation techniques; update skills via workshops, webinars, books and online training

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Instructor- Course Management Strategies

Activity Strategies

Activate modules

Use LMS features for date setting on module releases; LMS calendar reminders

Establish and communicate deadlines

List in course syllabus; maintain consistent schedule of deadlines; send announcement reminders; use LMS calendar feature

Retention and outreach

Contact all students during first week of course by email; follow up with 5 min. phone conference with each student by end of third week of class; report “lost” students to eLearning retention specialist for follow up


Weekly assessments to ensure objectives are incrementally achieved; quizzes can be taken up to two times (take highest score); use LMS features to track and score assessments; provide feedback within 1 week of assessment submissions

System interruptions or failures

Outline procedures if system failure is with college LMS; show flexibility when appropriate; backup assessment feedback and gradebook offline regularly

Virtual office hours

Establish specific times during the week when instructor is available for live chat, telephone or Collaborate sessions

Learners- Course Management Strategies

Activity Strategies

Organize class activities and assignments

Print syllabus and highlight major assignments and deadlines; subscribe to LMS calendar or check weekly; review new modules immediately when released by instructor; use course Q & A forum to get answers or ask questions; email instructor early if confused or need help understanding content or assignments

Class participation and activity completion

Set aside specific times each week or day to “go to class”; limit interruptions when working on assignments or assessments; practice use of technologies regularly before deadlines are looming; assemble all support materials early so they are available when starting assignments; create backups of all work on flash drives or CD in case of computer failure; stay in contact with instructor if problems (personal or technical) occur

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